Monday, January 10, 2011

Review of Bristol Sustainable Bee Group 2010

June saw the first meeting of the new bee group in Bristol, Bristol Sustainable Bee Group (BSBG).

The aim of the group is to support the bee population of honey, solitary and bumble bees. It is about the bees, not the honey.

BSBG believes in sustainable beekeeping methods. It is in favour of finding healthier ways of keeping bees through experimentation. Against the use of harmful pesticides, it encourages planting for bees to give plentiful variety and continuity of foodstuffs throughout the flying season.

As well keeping honey bees, many members encourage solitary and bumble bees by placing suitable houses in their gardens.

As a group BSBG has close links with Yabeep (Yatton Bee Project) which became so successful so quickly that a Bristol based group was needed. BSBG also encompasses greater Bristol including adjacent areas in South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. BSBG is indebted to Yabeep for content on

The first meeting agreed the basis of the group which is very much about mutual support. It runs a 'buddy' system, putting members in touch who live close by for hands on help.

Meetings are held at members houses - mostly in the gardens - monthly in the bee season from early spring through to autumn. We also had a Christmas social in Bristol jointly with Yabeep (

The meetings share experience and knowledge, allow members to get to know one another, and often involve looking at a member's hive.

It has been a great start. Membership includes some experienced, but mostly new, beekeepers, with many having the great excitement of getting their first bees in 2010. We welcome both traditional and top-bar beekeepers as well as non beekeepers with an interest in bees.

Meeting Dates for 2011 are as follows:

5th March Dundry

2nd April

30th April

4th June Hotwells

2nd July Dundry

August No Meeting

3rd September Bishopston

1st October

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